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Signing a Memorandum of Understanding between FRA and the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research "Baseera? - Wednesday 8/1/2020

• Dr. Omran: Signing a MOU with the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research "Baseera” to explore levels of knowledge of sustainable development and associated opportunities within the non-banking financial sector
• Dr. Magued Osman: We will strive to reduce the knowledge gap in the Egyptian society to achieve Egypt's vision 2030

FRA is entering the second year of implementing its comprehensive strategy for non-banking financial activities, by seeking to attract a new segment of domestic and foreign capital to invest in sectors with a high degree of sustainability. Dr. Mohammed Omran - FRA’s Chairman signed a memorandum of understanding with Dr. Magued Osman, the CEO and Director of the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research "Baseera" to conduct preliminary opinion polls and carry out communication activities to expand the knowledge base of Sustainable development goals, dimensions, opportunities and challenges associated with it.

Dr. Omran said that in order to motivate companies to be sustainable and participate in international initiatives to preserve the environment and society, a culture of sustainability should be rooted in companies operating in non-banking financial activities. In this respect, FRA collaborates with the Center to provide appropriate educational content to spread the culture of sustainability in the Arabic language among the  Egyptian society in general and stakeholders in the non-banking financial sector in particular, through awareness campaigns and seminars, targeting specific segments. Moreover, opinion polls shall be conducted to determine the degree of awareness of sustainable development, financing, sustainable insurance and climate change.

FRA’s Chairman adds that the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding aims at overcoming the scarcity of Arabic-language studies in the field of sustainable development, financing and sustainable insurance. The Center shall conduct opinion polls for stakeholders in the non-banking financial sector to know the degree of the sector's response and understanding of sustainable development goals and new sustainable financial tools. In addition, the Center shall conduct an annual opinion poll on increasing awareness of sustainable development and the positive practices resulting from it.  Also, the Center shall know how to transform economic growth and increase investments into sustainable development that protects the environment. In addition, comparative research will be conducted between the results of opinion polls and results of similar surveys in other countries.

For his part, Dr.  Magued Osman, CEO of the Center asserted that the Center is exerting efforts in setting simplified content on sustainable development to enrich the available materials in the Arabic language and reduce the knowledge gap in order to achieve the vision of Egypt 2030. He added that the Center is committed to develop a plan to implement joint activities with the Authority. The plan will include awareness campaigns - seminars - Mass communication activities. It will target specific entities such as the Egyptian Businessmen Association (EBA) and owners of small and medium-sized enterprises to raise awareness of sustainable development and sustainable financing in several communication means. This include the "Today's Number" service in which a number will be sent to a large network from the followers of Center supported by a message that clarifies the meaning of this number and its impact on our lives and society.

The Memorandum of Understanding also includes an announcement of the results of the initial opinion polls in the presence of potential and interested financing entities such as the International Finance Corporation IFC, German Development Cooperation (GIZ), European Union and the World Bank (WB) to finance more joint studies, surveys and events to enrich awareness of sustainable development.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research "Baseera" is an independent center that conduct public opinion research impartially and professionally. The Center was established in April 2012 and is committed to provide researchers, policy makers, business leaders and the public with reliable information on the reactions and trends of the public opinion regarding topics and policies of public concern.