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FRA launches guide for ?Empowering Women? application - Tuesday 14/7/2020

FRA has prepared a guide to introduce “Empowering Women” application.  The guide, which is in the form of a video presentation, was posted on the Authority’s LinkedIn page, alongside the email emp.women@fra.gov.eg. The video was created to respond to inquiries on how to use the application.

Dr. Mohammed Omran - FRA’s Chairman has invited female applicants who want to take a seat on corporate board to start applying on the Authority’s electronic platform and register their data after launching FRA’s “Empowering Women” application. This application is marked with FRA’s logo on Google Store. The guide includes how qualified female professionals register their details on the database to ensure their data is available to the companies

 On the other hand, this guide explains the privileges that female applicants obtain by using the application. It also covers the benefits they receive in priority attendance at specialized training courses, workshops and qualified training programs.

It is worth mentioning that FRA has launched a mobile app database entitled “Empowering Women”, aimed at encouraging female professionals to participate in leadership positions and take part in the administrative decision-making process. It is also aimed at developing the qualitative performance of companies in Egypt. This step comes after issuing FRA’s regulatory decisions no.  123-124 of 2019 which have supported providing an appropriate regulatory environment obliging listed companies on the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) and non-banking financial activities companies to include at least one woman on their Boards of directors. The said decisions have urged that women shall have the opportunity to take part in the decision-making process. In this respect, FRA gives companies a period of reconciliation extending to the end of 2020.
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