Non - Banking Financial

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The req. of Tech. structure & info. security systems for hosting providers
  • A public auction will be held to sell or lease premises owned by the Authority

  • The financial liabilities of the Authority shall be paid electronically through the accounts shown in the attachment as of 1/10/2017

  • The procedures set for submitting correspondences, forms and applications by those dealing with EFSA in various non-banking financial activities

  • EFSA grants actuaries two weeks to update their personal information

  • The Union of Arab Securities Authorities (UASA) announces the vacancy of the Secretary General ? Thursday 12/4/2012

  • EFSA decided to Cancel working by the Precautionary Measure related to the Financial Adequacy of Brokerage Firms starting from 12/5/2011 -Wednesday 4/5/2011

  • Amendment to the procedures for delivery of correspondence, forms, and applications submitted by clients dealing with the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority in the various non-banking financial activities - Sunday, 21/2/2010