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FRA supervises & regulates all non-banking financial markets and instruments, including capital markets, futures exchanges, insurance activities, mortgage finance, financial leasing, factoring, securitization and microfinance. Laws enforced by FRA include Law on Insurance Supervision and Control as promulgated by Law No.10 of the year 1981, Capital Markets Law No. 95/1992, Central Securities Depository and Registry Law No. 93 of 2000 , Law on Real Estate Finance promulgated by Law No. 148 of the year 2001; their Executive Regulations and  related decisions in addition to Microfinance Law no. 141 of 2014.  FRA is also the administrative entity that enforces the provisions of Financial Leasing Law no. 95 of 1995.

As FRA is keen on the integrity and stability of non-banking financial markets, and as it is interested in developing these markets and striking balance among its dealers, and as it is concerned with issuing Laws that grant market’s efficiency and transparency, FRA has issued legislations Encyclopedia and regulatory decisions related to non-banking financial laws which regulate the work of the Authority and entities under its supervision pursuant to law No. 10 of 2009.

Legislations Encyclopedia

Click on the above link to review all Laws, Executive Regulations and related decisions (Only Available in Arabic).