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The req. of Tech. structure & info. security systems for hosting providers

The insurance industry took its position in support and development programs adopted by international authorities and organizations, such as the World Bank, United Nations and IAIS. These entities combined and intensified their efforts in this field and the IAIS developed model standards for supervision and regulation worldwide.
International standards for supervision and regulation:
The organization adopted a set of principles totaling 26 for regulation of the insurance markets of member states. These standards are used to measure how far the legislations of a member state meet the supervision and regulation requirements:

  • ICP 1 Objectives, Powers and Responsibilities of the Supervisor
  • ICP 2 Supervisor
  • ICP 3 Information Exchange and Confidentiality Requirements
  • ICP 4 Licensing
  • ICP 5 Suitability of Persons
  • ICP 6 Changes in Control and Portfolio Transfers
  • ICP 7 Corporate Governance
  • ICP 8 Risk Management and Internal Controls
  • ICP 9 Supervisory Review and Reporting
  • ICP 10  Preventive and Corrective Measures
  • ICP 11 Enforcement
  • ICP 12  Winding-up and Exit from the Market
  • ICP 13  Reinsurance and Other Forms of Risk Transfer
  • ICP 14 Valuation
  • ICP 15 Investment
  • ICP 16  Enterprise Risk Management for Solvency Purposes
  • ICP 17 Capital Adequacy
  • ICP 18 Intermediaries
  • ICP 19  Conduct of Business
  • ICP 20 Public Disclosure
  • ICP 21  Countering Fraud in Insurance
  • ICP 22  Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism
  • ICP 23 Group-wide Supervision
  • ICP 24  Macro prudential Surveillance and Insurance Supervision
  • ICP 25  Supervisory Cooperation and Coordination
  • ICP 26  Cross-border Cooperation and Coordination on Crisis Management


Standards of the International Union for Insurance Regulators (IAIS)
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