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 Financial Leasing is a medium and long-term financing means for projects wishing to acquire equipment, machinery or real estate, with the possibility of repaying this financing over several years.  Thus, this reduces the investment cost to start or expand the activity. Financial Leasing is the transfer of the right to use a certain asset owned by the lessor to the user (the lessee) under a contractual agreement between the two parties entitling one to use the asset owned by the other party in return for periodic payments for a specified period.  The contractual agreement shall include an option to transfer the ownership of the asset to the lessee by the end of the contract.

Financial leasing in Egypt is regulated by Financial Leasing Law no.  95 of 1995 which is amended by Law no. 16 of 2001 and Ministerial Decree no. 498/2002, its executive regulations and its amendments.

Financial   leasing sector witnessed a significant growth during 2017 with a total value of 28.6 billion pounds, representing a growth rate of 38% compared to the previous year. The total number of companies registered at FRA’s registry reached 226 companies after the Authority licensed two new companies during this year.