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The legal framework of mortgage finance consists of Law no. 148 of 2001 and its Executive Regulation amended pursuant to Prime Minister Decree no. 465 of 2005. These amendments added a raft of facilitation to the market, especially with respect to the methods of stating the investor’s income, defining the investor benefiting from the Mortgage Finance Fund and the standards of approving the finance intermediaries and valuation experts.
- Law no. 93 of 2018 on Social Housing and Mortgage Finance Support
- Law no.55 of 2014 on amending some provisions of Mortgage Finance Law promulgated by Law no.148 of 2001
- Amendments to the Executive Regulations of Law no. 148 of 2001 amended by Law no. 55 of 2014
Law No. 148 Of The Year 2001. Promulgating The. Real Estate Finance Law
- The Executive Regulations of Law no. 148 of 2001 on Mortgage Finance
- The Advisory Opinion of the Islamic Research Academy Regarding Mortgage Finance
- Law no. 93 of 2005 on the amendment of some provisions of Law no. 88 of 2003 promulgating the Central Bank of Egypt, the Banking Sector and Money