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Real estate investment sector in Egypt is one of the most important sectors affecting the Egyptian economy. The laws governing the real estate market are of paramount importance because they constitute the legal framework regulating the market. One of the most important laws to regulate the real estate market is Mortgage Finance Law. Mortgage finance sector provides medium and long-term financing for the acquisition of real estate, whether for economic purposes or for the purpose of financing, repairing or maintaining houses.

The importance of the real estate investment sector stems from the fact that it affects and is linked to many services and financial instruments such as mortgage finance, leasing, securitization, listing of real estate companies on the Stock Exchange as well as Real Estate Investment Trusts. By the end of 2018, number of companies operating in mortgage finance in the Egyptian market reached 15 companies (including one real estate refinancing company).

Since the beginning of the activity, the volume of accumulated mortgage finance activity has reached 10.7 billion EGP with a growth rate of 26% compared to 8.5 billion EGP in 2017.

The volume of mortgage finance granted during 2018 amounted to approximately 2.2 billion EGP with a growth rate of 57% compared to last year which reached 1.4 billion EGP.