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The req. of Tech. structure & info. security systems for hosting providers
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Private insurance funds is linked to the insurance sector and it is one of the forms of savings instruments. Private insurance funds are special insurance systems registered at FRA’s registry which is created for this purpose. In this respect, they are separate from the entity which created them. Private insurance funds are created for the purpose of granting benefits to a group of employees, namely insurance benefits, additional pensions, social benefits or health care.

By the end of 2018, number of private insurance funds existing in Egypt reached 733, of which 670 came into effect and 63 were under liquidation, benefiting about 5 million members, of which 452 thousand were new members during 2018, with total annual contributions of 7.8 billion EGP by 31/12/2018. The number of funds with more than one billion EGP was 14 funds. Meanwhile, small-sized funds (from one million EGP or less) are 96 funds.

In addition, assets of private insurance funds amounted to about 77.5 billion EGP on 31/12/2018, of which 67 billion pounds were financial investments where the percentage of investment in asset- backed securities was 77.4% with a value of 51.8 billion EGP. While percentage of investment in shares was 2.2% with a value of 1.5 billion EGP and investment in deposits was 16.8%.