Non - Banking Financial

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This page includes all laws and presidential decrees issued to establish the Authority, regulate non-banking financial markets and instruments, and address all the companies under the Authority’s supervision.
Meanwhile, all laws and executive regulations and decisions issued by FRA to regulate non-banking financial markets and activities subjected to its supervision will be found separately on the page of each activity.
- FRA in the Egyptian Constitution.
Presidential Decree no. 335 of 2019 on establishing the Arbitration Center for the Settlement of Non-Banking Financial Disputes.
- Law no. 115 of 2015 on regulating movable collaterals.
- Law no. 10 of 2009 on regulating Non-banking Financial Markets and Instruments.
Presidential Decree no. 192 of 2009 promulgating the Statute of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA)