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The req. of Tech. structure & info. security systems for hosting providers
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According to the rules for establishment of the unit, the unit board of directors may propose to impose one of the following procedures and arrangements and present the same to the Authority Board of Directors for approval:
  • Issue an alert regarding an existing violation and the necessity of taking action to remedy the same and ensure prevention of repetition
  • Enhance the level of professional adequacy for auditors through increasing the number of members of the technical team entrusted with auditing tasks and developing them professionally on a constant basis
  • Prevent auditors in violation from accepting tasks from new clients for a specific period of time
  • Appoint a quality observer/ supervisor for current engagements of the auditor in violation
  • Prevent an auditor from engaging in audit tasks for a specific period of time and grant him the right to re-practice after expiry of such period of time.
  • Deleting an auditor in violation from the Authority register for entering auditors
Enforcement Year :